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Onsite Glass Repair

Palace Doors & Glass specializes in glass repair including single pane, insulated units, leaded and stained glass in Houston and surrounding areas.

Leaded/Stained Glass Repairs:

  1. Are you aware that leaded glass can be repaired in most cases?
  2. Do you have a glass door that has beveled glass, stained glass, ornamental glass, or leaded glass that is broken and needs to be repaired?

Not only can we repair a single piece of glass in a leaded glass door or beveled glass door, we can also replace the entire glass insert with a triple paned insulated glass unit to give your door an entire new look.

Let us show you the possibilities!

There is no service charge for us to come to your home. We will give you a quote over the phone, and then before we start the glass repair or glass installation, we will give you a firm price! There are no surprise hidden, additional charges.

Identify your glass

There are many types of glass. In order to serve our customes better,view the photos below for the names of different types of glass.


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